Saturday, July 14, 2007

Muthu's Curry, Race Course Road

An Indian curry fish head place at Race Course Road recommended by a colleague who couldn't recall the name turned out to be Muthu's Curry. This flagship  branch of the restaurant was rather spacious compared to the other one at Suntec which I've had lunch at on a couple of occasion. Even with the additional floor estate, had a full house of customers. Since curry fish head what we were thinking of, it was a good opportunity for me to do some comparison between both branches.

banana lassi


curry fish head

curry mutton

palek paneer

black squid

Apart from the black squid which was suppose to be an outlet specialty, the other items were pretty much like the other outlet. I felt that the food here wasn't as satisfying as the one at Suntec. I thought the fish head had to little meat for a large portion and the briyani lacked fragrance which I was expecting. It was almost like eating plain basmati rice which might have been a better idea in this case.

There wasn't much to the black squid. Didn't taste too bad though. Their palak paneer didn't have any fragrance from the fried cheese which I was looking forward to. I'll probably stick to the outlet at Suntec next time round. This felt to me like compromises in cooking standards or just plain negligence.

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