Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Pizza Place, Raffles City

So, this was another recommendation. It was definitely more than a couple of people that had told me that this shop has the best pizza they've eaten locally. Seriously? Honestly, I didn't think it was a big deal. Unless we're talking about some specific topping which I have missed. The pizzas here were probably a little better than Pizza Hut. This picture is a half New York and half triple cheese. Despite enjoying meat, I thought the triple cheese was tastier. Would have been better if it was quattro fromaggio for me and maybe I'm a thin crust person. Did I miss anything?


Anonymous said...

I love triple cheese too.

Ya, i agree. Nothing much to speculate about but they do serve decent pizza.

Love the thick pizza crust!

Still prefer Dominos.

Anonymous said...

Ah, didn't know you opened your comments. Love your website and your recommendation of food, just as Timeless Facade too ^_^ Visited both of your blog everyday since like a year (or is it half a year?) ago.

Any better recommendation of Pizza other than the pizza place?

Oh, also, is it ok if I place your blog link into my blog?

LiquidShaDow said...

Hi Paul,

glad you enjoy your visits.

Feel free to link up.

Regarding pizzas, I would generally recommend the Italian places like say Papi(I think they might have winded up business though), Riciotti and Spizza. There isn't the best per se, but these are ones that I think are better since I like thin crust. Do note that these are specific to my preference as I generally don't enjoy thick crusts as much.

There's also a bunch of premium looking places that I read of, but I think it wouldn't fall under recommendations since I haven't had them personally and don't know if they're any good. Like L'estaminet (by Les Amis) and Baraonda (formerly Artz Pizza).

Anonymous said...

Ah thanks, I've linked to your website ^_^

Serious? Papi have winded up business? I was planning to go next month >_< My sister are more into Italian cuisine, she did too, recommended me Papi and Spizza. This is the first time I've heard of Riciotti though... sounds good :D

I personally like thin crust too (I don't like bread, thus thick crust is not my piece of cake), and are looking for good restaurants. Thanks for the recommendation btw ^_^ /

Anonymous said...

looking for some thin crust pizza? try Amalfi pizza place @ clark quey beside the GMAX. they serve thin crust pizza done by wood oven . =) give it a try i tried it and its not bad =)

Anonymous said...

Try Donato's at Sixth Avenue if you haven't. Its in a little sidestreet but it has a red and blue awning, shouldn't be hard to miss. Lovely thin crust pizzas and calzones there. Only "problem" is that everything is baked and laid out for you to choose so it might not be as crisp as possible, but then thats how its done in New York anyway.

LiquidShaDow said...

Thanks for the recommendations fellas, will check out Amalfi and Donato's when I'm in the vicinity.