Saturday, July 07, 2007

Blood, chocolate, red wine & blue cheese

Dinner with Ed whom will ultimately bitch about me having made him drive through 35 minutes of CTE jam just to have dinner. I felt like something I recalled from my last visit here and little did Ed realise that he would enjoy dinner to the point that he will in the future return of his own accord. Pasta Brava is a pleasant, off the main road little Italian restaurant that serves a healthy selection of well....pasta. Along with the pesce and carne. And the use of mahjong paper atop the white sheets laid on the tables. Small enough to be cosy and lacks the pretentious air that many places try so very hard to attain. Dinner was starter of cooked prawns in garlic and butter, ravioli stuffed with beef and in light gorgonzola cheese and what I came here tonight for, the Filetto Di Manzo Al Vino Rosso E Cioccolato.

The prawns on the overall were just decent. I'm not sure what I was expecting here, but perhaps it I was thinking of more crunchy ones that had a more satisfying bite. What made up for it was the garlicky buttery broth which we made short work with the bread. I was quite pleasantly surprised with the ravioli which featured a rather light gorgonzola sauce which wasn't overwhelming as blue cheese tends to be.

The Filetto Di Manzo Al Vino Rosso E Cioccolato essentially featureed two juicy slabs of beef tenderloin in chocolate and red wine sauce with some roasted potatoes and ratatouille(?) on the side. I admit to the burning curiosity of how chocolate would taste like on beef and after having had this, I would have to say that there was nothing unnatural tasting about this dish. In fact, it was quite enjoyable with the savoury thick aroma of chocolate tasting perfectly in harmony with the medium rare beef. One up for the Italians here for coming out with a weird but tantalizing beast like this and being able to do the meat just right.

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the steak looks more like rare than medium rare imo