Thursday, March 05, 2009

Bella Pizza, Robertson Quay

Hey, here's one Italian restaurant that serves Hoegaarden. Despite a few kinks at the start, I kinda like Bella Pizza (30 Robertson Quay, #01-14 Riverside View, tel : 6734 0139) enough that I would like to come back again. Service was adequate and polite. The best part of it was snappy yet observant. That and having pizza bianca on the menu helped tipped the scales to my favour.

We started off with some tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella wrapped in thinly sliced Parma ham with the courtesy of just a drizzle of olive oil and freshly ground pepper. Cheese was soft, smooth and basically what I had imagined it to be. Light and enjoyable.

The menu described their home made fettuccine to be done with a touch of cream. It was more than a touch but fortunately not overwhelming The sauce was light that one could still taste the bits of shaven black truffles and morels in them. The burst of flavours came from the bits of salty sausages that tasted home made.

Which brings us to the pizza. I had only one gripe with the pizza cotto which was topped with mozzarella, cooked ham and Gorgonzola. It definitely needed more Gorgonzola. But it was otherwise one of the better ham and cheese based pizza I've had in a while. Nice thin crust that folded under the weight of the generous topping of milky mozzarella and ham. More Gorgonzola!

Usually, ordering desserts kind meant that I generally liked the food. But not ordering them doesn't always mean otherwise. Their crepe alla nutella con banane was a little let down because I had expected more. Crepe with mascarpone and Nutella served with bananas. It taste like the way it looked and was saved by the Nutella. I could have made this myself at home.

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red fir said...

Hey I just had darn good pasta & squid ink ravioli at Cugini. You should try soon. I've never eaten such perfect al dente homemade pastas. The ravioli selection is worth checking out. I tried the squid ink seabass & previously the ossobuco one. There's a very interesting lamb ravioli which I think you'd be very keen on. Skip the starters and zoom in on the pastas, not sure about the pizzas but you can try and let me know!

Desserts are good too!