Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fisherios Fish N Chips, Bugis Junction

A couple of reasons drew me into Fisherios (200 Victoria Street, #B1-K15 Bugis Junction). Firstly, I remember seeing them around for quite a while and survivability of an eating establishment usually counts for something. Secondly, I saw the salmon fish and chips which intrigued me since I've never had that before. I was actually bordering between interest and skeptism since I've had my share of overfried salmons which I really don't care for. It was quite the fortunate thing that these ones were actually not cooked to death and to my surprise, we got a light crispy batter and the meat was actually a little fatty. I was expecting a dry filet and I guess I was wrong about that. Also noted was that, the color of the meat presented itself to be a tad faint instead of of a more vibrant shade of pink. Belly?

The other beer battered option of the snapper wasn't too shabby as well. Perhaps, I did come with really low expectations and being just borderline decent had surpassed those expectations. At this price point, Big D still takes the cake though.

But whatever you do here, it's my advice to avoid the clam chowder soup options from the sets and give the fried cheesecakes a pass. Really. Unless you enjoy a predominant aroma of stale oil in a soggy skin enveloping a dry, crumbly and weak tasting stuff that was the cheesecake. It didn't even arrive warm enough to melt the accompanying ice cream and for $2.90, it was criminal. I should have been paid to eat that stuff.


red fir said...

Is that salmon F&C I spy here? I had that before & was good!

LiquidShaDow said...

Sharp eyes you have there, ice. It indeed is.

red fir said...

I see an orangey-hue of fish & salmon never escapes my eyes. Belly sounds probable.