Saturday, March 21, 2009

Zac Cafe, Jalan Pinang

For someone who has visited Nando's, one cannot be helped but to notice parallels of their Peri Peri sauces to Zac Cafe's (17 Jalan Pinang, tel : 6295 1816) pari pari chicken. Or at least silently snigger at the similarities in the name. In seriousness, this was pretty good. There was a nicely browned half bird with some char on the exterior. Meat was still juicy on the insides accompanied by a slather of spicy sauce on the chicken. The spiciness did pack a punch, albeit, it didn't knock one out by brute force. It crept into potency as one ate along...

The chicken had on the side some toasted "Arabic bread". Those reminded me a little of roti prata.

Their lamb bohari rice featured braised lamb on a bed of spiced rice. Portions were large. We enjoyed it but at the same time felt something was missing. Like perhaps more fragrance from the rice. The meat wasn't as tender as I had hoped for and didn't slide of the bone as easily as I would have liked. What got the nod of approval were the hearty samosas which were stuffed with minced beef. Delicious and relatively inexpensive. They would have been awesome if it weren't the small bits of coriander. The only other samosa I've had that were better than these were the kolkatta shingaras from Mustard.

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