Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lorong Ah Soo Lor Mee, Hainanese Village Food Centre

This stall (Blk 105 Hougang Ave 1, #02-12) I was told, is supposed to be one of the go to places for lor mee. Judging from the queue in front of the stall, there was probably little debate about that fact. My initial expectations was something along the lines of a vague memory I could scrape from the days of the old Maxwell Food Centre.  Where the bowl of noodles was piled on the top with sliced pork belly, crispy fried meatballs, ngor hiong and chopped garlic. I was actually a little disappointed that this was not the case. There wasn't any fried meatballs nor strips of pork belly. Instead it was a just some fish cake and a bit of shredded braised duck. The saving graces were the sliced chilli padi, chopped garlic and vinegar which boosted the flavour. Otherwise didn't think that there was anything that was exceptional.

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