Tuesday, March 31, 2009

t//r/st tr/p

I hardly know where to begin with this place (Sosis by Shiraz, 3D River Valley Road, #01-14, Clarke Quay). Maybe I could just start with the misspelled poutine on the menu.

It also occured to me that the service staff was "struggling" with the orders when there were 2 other persons in the queue. It must have been seriously gruelling, trying manage the insane load of 3 orders. The furtile attempt of trying to heat the buns atop the warm sausages was a total failure since work was done at a slug's pace and the buns, arrived cold and stiff. Even the freshly fried fries failed to stay warm enough to melt the little cubes of cream cheese for the "putin". And what's up with the stinge on the onions anyway? These had gone through 2 request for extra onions and I'm sure you can imagine how little there were at the start. For a $6.50 hotdog, one would think that when you asked for more onions, they'd be totally cool about giving you more.

I was left wondering, when I collected my order, what was that almost dried up brown goo in the heated container that was suppose to be the gravy. It was being spooned carefully onto the fries as I watched. Yeah, spooned. At my request for a little generosity with the gravy, the server alerted me that it was very saltish. In the end, that brown good turned out to be what I think is Brovil. Seriously, WTF! Barely melted cream cheese on barely lukewarm fries and that drizzle of Borvil. This stuff was just saltish and dry. Heart clogging and not so good there.

So, does anyone want to buy a vowel?


The Hungry Cow said...

Alamak. I won't buy a vowel but reminds me of my one experience with another french fries outlet in Bugis. Disastrous!

D said...

Yo mate,
not wanting to sound bias here, but just curious to know what sort of demographic the terrible staff were like age, gender, race etc...

LiquidShaDow said...

@Hungry Cow
I wonder if its the same fries outlet that I'm thinking...

The serving lady was Chinese I think. That's a contentious guess, but I'll leave it as that. Early 20s by the look. The other lady taking the order was Malay, mid to late 30s.