Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Bratwurst Shop, Plaza Singapura

It must have been a few years since I've last eaten at The Bratwurst Shop (68 Orchard Road, #B2-39C Plaza Singapura, tel : +65 6884 4093). I was thinking about coming down after seeing them grill a beef patty the last time I was around. It did look pretty good on that grill. This place as some of you might already know is a no frills sandwich and hotdog stall. There's not too much to look forward to aside from a variety of sandwiches and hotdogs while the burgers were something that I've only noticed recently. 

We tried the basic burger so that we could get an opinion on the patty. The patty of the burger was quite marinated which resulted in a tussle between the marinate and the flavour of the beef. Despite that, I've to admit that the nicely grilled patty was decent and the first couple of bites drew dripping juices. What could have made it much better were onions that were surprisingly absent. The cheese used was sadly the regular pre-packed sliced variety (major disappointment here) which I remember someone once telling me that they tasted like plastic. Lol. Sliced cheddar from the block would have been great. As you can see, we're just a couple of steps away from a decent burger here.

The initial reaction to the chilli dog was also a tad underwhelming as the sauce didn't look like it was of that meaty consistency that I was hoping for. True enough, it was forgettable there. To be fair, the entire hotdog pretty much held up with the hearty sausage (spicy beef and pork option there). What's up with the scarcity of onions?


D said...

Is this the one in the basement? I think a few years ago I saw a really cute girl working there, but there was something about the way she was slicing up that bratwurst that kept me at bay!

LiquidShaDow said...

Yep, it's that one. But I think a few years back, it was being operated by different people and the store was located in a different unit as well. I'm not sure if this place is still run by the original ppl that opened it though. The menu is quite different from the past. I remember having had a cranberry turkey sandwich that doesn't seem to be there anymore.