Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fatboy's the Burger Bar, Upper Thomson Rd

The birth of Fatboy's (187 Upper Thomson Road, tel : +65 6252 8780) might have been a baby step moving forward for the state of burgers in this country. The sort of place to be raising the standards of the burgers that is. That being said, the quality of the beef patties were a disappointment. Especially so for a place that sells itself as a burger bar. Truly.

We ordered the Fat Basterd which was on menu, the largest burger available with 150g patties X 2. There wasn't anything particularly special about it - unless you counted the fact that it was larger than the rest of the burgers and featured a dubious sounding "homemade bbq sauce". Cheese slices were thin and looked like they were of the individually wrapped variety. That cheese was also overwhelmed by everything else in the burger.

The liquids that oozed out of the patties didn't look nor taste like meat juices to me. It tasted like water squeezed out of cooked meat. The meat was far too lean and bland. Note to self : never order beef burgers from this place again.

On the positive side The Elvis kinda rocked as a burger. The pork patty was a league above the beef version. Cooked pink on the insides, it had much more of meaty flavour coupled with the char fragrance from the grill. The grilled bananas and peanut butter just made it better. Am likely to come back just for this.

Somebody needs to tell them that their peanut butter and banana shake should just be called peanut butter shake. Where're the bananas people?

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