Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Some Korean beef and rice set from SGH food court

Having had to spend quite a few evenings at the hospital recently put me through some dinner options that I normally would avoid. One such option is the food court which serves, in my not so humbled opinion, generally expensive food with mediocre quality and poor taste to boot. There are definitely exceptions and this beef and rice set from the Korean stall in the Kopitiam at SGH was unexpectedly satisfying. I've gotten into my head that this isn't really Korean food and I needed not to view them as such.

In the end it was a very decently done beef still simmering in the it's own juices along with that of the shredded cabbage and onions. The seasoning was well handled in a way whereby the added flavours didn't overwhelm the beefiness and I could actually taste the natural sweetness of the cabbage from the residual broth left at the bottom of the bowl of meat. Rice was unexpectedly soft and very agreeable.


Anonymous said...

Hie! I read your blog on the steak at Hotel 1929 (dated 2006). I'm hoping if you can help me how to get there (Bus, taxi, MRT?) and the cost? Thanks!

LiquidShaDow said...

Hey Darrel,

If you're refering to Ember, I don't recall the actual cost of the steak. It might have been around the vicinity of $30. The price and/or might have changed since that was 3 years back. Closest MRT would be Outram or Chinatown. Keong Saik Street is located somewhere in between, across from the old police station beside People's Park.

m said...

Hello! I think the korean stall has the nicest food in sgh kopitiam - I usually eat from that stall when I'm around... The houseman canteen generally has better food; much cheaper than kpt too!