Monday, October 26, 2009

Izakaya Nijumaru Restaurant, Cuppage Plaza

So here are a couple of teishoku sets from a izakaya place (5 Koek Road, #02-10 Cuppage Plaza, tel : +65 6235 6693) down at Cuppage. The restaurant actually consists of quite a few units and business must be really good for them to be able to afford such space. There seemed to an even mix of local and Japanese clientele. I've heard about this place from a few sources so decided to drop by for what looked to be the the popular items that people order.

The food here was definitely straight forward and frills free. It was also probably not someplace that I would like to order sashimi based on the samples I've had from the Nijumaru bento which also came with some forgettable grilled saba, pieces of mixed tempura and a piece of braised pork which was really the best item from the set. Even though as my memory serves, it probably wasn't as tasty as the rafute from Mimigar, it was definitely still good. And there was also a decent unajyu set which featured fatty eels as well.

I've yet to order much of anything else beyond a agedashi tofu so I couldn't really say if I liked this place much or not. I'm sure there must be an appeal somewhere and perhaps, it lies with the grills.


Unknown said...

Was the place still heavy with fried food smells? It is the only reason why i am not a regular there.

(I have had a friend who was crazy about their yellowtail sashimi before so you may want to give it a go)

LiquidShaDow said...

Hey Nick,

It wasn't so on my visit. But I sat right over at the other end of the dining room across from the counter, so perhaps, it wasn't very apparent.

I could consider going back again another time, though I'm probably not in a hurry to do so.

HairyBerry said...

it's more like what Japanese would eat at home. but i must say the slabs of unagi were huge when i dropped by a year ago. for grills, i thought nanbantei was good.