Thursday, May 01, 2008

Little pig little pig let me in...

This is actually just a little side trip back to Mimigar for small bites and desserts. I find myself becoming quite fond of this orange hue saturated place that plays quirky and sometimes folksy (and sometimes also, strange & harmoniously discordant) Japanese music. The menu has changed a little from the last time I visited and I noticed that they no longer place the otoshi which they charge $10 per person for, on the table. I guess they must have gotten feedbacks that it's either a tad costly or that no one really likes them.

I took a chance and decided to check out a couple of the cocktail beers which they did not have on their menu previously. Fortune does sometimes favor the bold and it turned out to be a more pleasant experience than I had expected. The sikuwasa which is actually draft Tiger beer mixed with what is described as Okinawan kalamansi juice turned out to be invigoratingly zesty a drink. There was enough of the kalamansi juice in the mix that the lime-ish flavor was actually predominant and this was actually addictively pleasing. The glass will actually empty itself before you know it. The other cocktail beer from the same origins comes mixed with tomato juice. This didn't turn out weird in any way at all and the taste was like a mildly carbonated gazpacho of sorts. Despite them being bastardized beers, I think I've found new drinks to like.

I mentioned small bites back at the top there so here's the rafute (fatty braised pork rich in collagen) and the umi budou (sea grapes) which I enjoyed.

The department of desserts has seen some changes as well. There was a rather enjoyable macha baravoi which isn't on the menu anymore, but we get a brown sugar mousse and red sweet potato ice cream. The brown sugar mousse which was smothered in a blanket of powdered peanut tasted quite subtle in its namesake flavor and I would have thought it to be some peanut mousse if not for the name. One had to deliberately avoid any of the peanut powder to snatch at those subtleties. There wasn't too much that could be said for the ice cream which tasted slightly butter-ish and milky, but then again, I suppose it would be quite the task to coax the aroma of such freshly cooked roots that I was expecting into ice cream.

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