Saturday, October 24, 2009

Le Bistrot, Stadium Walk

Le Bistrot, Stadium Walk
I've been meaning to come to Le Bistrot (2 Stadium Walk, #01-03 Singapore Indoor Stadium, tel : +65 6447 0018) for quite some time. I'm not sure how many people were aware of its existence but it didn't look as filled up as I was expecting on a Friday night. The location probably had a part to play with the crowd as well since it wasn't all that accessible. Since it was our first visit, we took a while to actually find it. But all was good and I'm pretty glad we made this trip.

Le Bistrot, salmonGravlax (Saumon Cru Mariné), Oeuf Mollet Croquant, Crème Fraîche à la Menthe

I'd have to admit that their cured salmon slices were actually pretty good and tasted refreshing with their mint crème fraîche. There was also the flavour of the dill from that added to it. This was also the first time I've had a deep fried soft boiled egg. Must have been some effort to get an egg cooked to the point where it was almost solid enough to hold shape; and then to finish it with a light breading and deep fry. The salmon was supposed to come with truffle oil It was only at the point when most of the fish was done that we realised that the flavour could hardly be discerned. A feedback to the restaurant resulted in a fresh portion being brought in as replacement and subsequently doused with a generous dose of the oil. Wow.

Le Bistrot, foie grasfoie gras terrine w/ Cadillac

The smooth and creamy foie gras terrine came in a generous slice, topped with what I thought were forgettable pan fried pineapples. While the fruit was to serve as a counter for the rich foie, the accompanying Cadillac did a much better job. In fact, I really liked that white wine.

Le Bistrot, wagyu beef cheek crumbleCrumble au Joue de Boeuf Wagyu, Pommes Sarladaises

Haven't had beef cheeks much. I picked the wagyu beef cheek crumble to try their savoury crumble and was curious how wagyu beef cheek would be like. It was in the end like decently done beef pie with cheese and crumbles. Wouldn't say it was impressive. The duck fat potato slices were on the other hand very nice.

Le Bistrot, herb crusted spring lambherb crusted spring lamb

I hadn't expected the spring lamb to be a baked dish at all. In fact, I was thinking along the lines of what I had at Mietta's. Still it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Lamb was tender and despite lacking the natural flavour of the meat, was quite enjoyable. I liked that they didn't overdo the herb crust. Liked the sliced potato gratin that served as the base - that had goat's cheese in it. 

Le Bistrot, pastillaPastilla au Pistache-Chocolat Noir

Don't think we were wowed by the dessert. Most of its saving grace came from the dark chocolate. The skin of pastilla was tough and the pistachio cream did taste oddly soapy. I'm quite sure it wasn't imagined on my part, but I couldn't understand what could have happened.

While I didn't quite agree with all the things we had, I was impressed by the service. Am quite sure I'll be back.

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