Sunday, November 01, 2009

Hatched, Evans Lodge

Relatively new establishment that serves almost everything with eggs, hence the name Hatched (26 Evans Road, #01-06 Evans Lodge, tel : +65 6735 0012). Most of the dishes look like breakfast food - which is a good idea since breakfast menu items are normally available till the early afternoons and this breaks that circle of practice. Probably makes many people happy to have the options that they offer.

I must have been lucky to have gotten a table without reservations on a weekend since the word around is that they seem to be under spotlight.

Food on the whole was pretty decent. Since I like eggs, I'm bent towards being more forgiving than usual and gripe on less things...... gripes like the foie gras from their Le Rossini being a little overcooked and not having a crispy enough exterior. Truffle oil on that was a nice touch. The Burly Benedict (nothing burly about them) had a bland tasting corned beef. That I didn't expect since I was imagining the salted and hashed variety. Cappuccino needed a lot more body with the foam.

There seems to be little or no salt on their food. For the beer people, there's a variety of bottled stuff that includes Trappist brews and the small selection was really nicely thought out.

Location within Evans Lodge was definitely a charm though.

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