Saturday, November 07, 2009

A chirashi from Kaiho Sushi

Kaiho Sushi, chirashi
Kaiho SushiSo I've heard about Kaiho Sushi (5 Koek Road, #03-01/02 Cuppage Plaza, tel : +65 6738 1315) for a while now and have been meaning to come check the place out. This little restaurant located in the little Japanese hub around the Cuppage area is run by an affable Bernard Tang who is the man with the knives behind the counter. Here's a chirashi from the lunch set that comes pretty packed with a selection of sliced raw goodies over the top. Here we have some toro, bonito, ama ebi a small blob of uni, some small slices of sake, some white fish which I couldnt really identify, and another silver skinned fish which I couldn't tell and a couple of slices of chilled tamago.... all resting above a dusting of the sweet pink fish floss over the rice.

One week later...

Kaiho Sushi, chirashi
A second visit exactly one week later saw some differences in the offerings of the chirashi bento. Noticeably this time round, there was no more ama ebi and bonito but the lunch box got a little more uni, a fresh addition of ikura and hamachi.

While it didn't quite feel as laden as the offerings from Sushi Yoshida, this was really quite a compelling alternative as it comparatively didn't cost as much too.


red fir said...

In terms of variety, Yoshida takes the cake but in terms of freshness, hmm... I think you gotta revisit Yoshida to verify again. Well you got uni & otoro here.

Elaine Ng. said...

how much does the lunch chirashi cost?

LiquidShaDow said...

Hey Elaine,
It's $28 before service and tax. All lunch set items are of the same price.

Nathan said...

Hi, went down with family after reading your post. Had the chirashi set, unagi set and wagyu beef set. Chiashi set the brought a smile to my face when I saw the set, very happy with it. Unagi not bad either but the wagyu set is a let down. the wagyu is stir-fried and laden on a bowl of rice, real let down. In all, a good impression esp with the chirashi set :).