Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tonkichi, Ngee Ann CIty

What I liked about Tonkichi (391 Orchard Road, #04-24 Ngee Ann City, tel : +65 6735 7522) from the first time a number of years back was the free flow of shredded cabbage and rice. Seems that the cabbage dressing now comes with seaweed which adds another depth of fragrance, albeit seaweed-y, to the already delicious sauce.

Noticed some promotional kurobuta items on the menu and I had thought that the minced cutlets with cheese looked appealing. In introspect, it wasn't bad with a fairly generous amount of gooey mozzarella in the meat; it was also something that I probably wouldn't be ordering again.

The braised pork option on the side was actually pretty delicious. It was a greasy medley of umami, sweetness and savoury packed into a chunk of soft fatty meat. While there are possibly better renditions of these braised pork bellies around, the ones here are pretty tasty.

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