Sunday, February 24, 2013

A breakfast of pig's organ porridge and char kuey teow at the end of Woodlands

That'll be pig's organ porridge with an egg from #02-46 to richen things and yes, this would be located at the same end of Woodlands food centre as the last time I had the seafood soup. Let's see....there's home made meatballs, lean pork, small intestines, sliced livers sloshed into a gruel that's flavored by spring onions, fried shallots and as much soy sauce and pepper as one fancies. What's missing to make this perfect was probably pigs blood (one can dream) and pig's stomach.

Below from stall 38A was a less sweet than usual char kuey teow. I think it was due to less sweet sauce being used which resulted in a rather tasty and more savory rendtion. I liked that the bean sprouts were cooked and crunchy for the texture. Not too bad here.

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