Friday, February 22, 2013

Yakitori Uma, Orchard Plaza

I make this out to be both a kushiyaki and kushikatsu joint right at the backlanes just beside Cuppage. Albeit one with a relatively small selection on the menu. Having been spoilt by Kazu (a respoiling session is in order!) in the years past, I had inevitably benchmarked the food against them; and others too as well. To which the bar hadn't quite been met. In both variety and quality.

That does not mean that the food was mediocre, what I felt was that it just didn't quite go the distance for me in terms of satisfaction. And this is probably just an opinion formed from a single visit and having more of the grilled items and not so much of the fried ones.

I had expected a fuller smokey aroma from the grill rather than the relatively flat accent that this place had. Certainly also was looking forward to larger portions per stick of their tasty and nicely peppered gyutan than what they're serving.


pork belly & leeks, kawa and beef tripe

octopus, ginko nuts

cow liver
chicken & leeks, chicken gizzard


D said...

Looks like Kazu is still King huh?
When I do get a chance to stop by Singapore, a visit is definitely in order.

LiquidShaDow said...

Yeap, Kazu is definitely still King. So when are you stopping by?

D said...

Actually, I'm planning a trip back sometime in the 3rd week of March. Perhaps, we can finally meet up for that Kazu meal in the end. Call Ice?

LiquidShaDow said...

Sure, drop me your email here. I won't publish it. Will mail you my contact.