Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Sushi Bar, Far East Plaza

This place in honesty, looks to be still trying to find its own feet. The Sushi Bar (14 Scotts Road, #03-89 Far East Plaza) is essentially what seems to be a one man show behind a space optimized counter. I had discounted the wait staff as manpower since she looked confused a third of the time, milled around and served food to the wrong tables and somehow thought it was a normal thing to relay a customer inquiry to the chef if they served curry fish head. In a little joint called The Sushi Bar that has only about 4 tables. Seriously.

I think the food is pretty decent for what they charged. One shouldn't come here expecting expensive types and cuts from higher end Japanese restaurants. I have a gripe with the uni and would have loved for it to have been a better experience where the creamy was creamier and where the aroma, I had hoped to be more ethereal. These guys need to portion more rice into their food. Wouldn't do at all for any of those premium don that does not fill. And no miso soup too.

Did I mention that their scallop carpaccio mentaiyaki was pretty mouth watering in a smokey manner if a little measly in portions. This place is not yet at the level of the once vaunted Wasabi Tei for that frills free value edition of decent Japanese food. But I sense an earnesty that might get them there.

hotate mentaiyaki

ikura & uni don

premium chirashi

deep fried amaebi head


red fir said...

First lousy review I've read on this place. Well, at least they serve fresh wasabi.

Unknown said...

good, but not worth return visit. too small a place yet all tables could be open up for reservation. staff too incompetent - have to even ask chef about every single reservation. wait too long. too many rave reviews - not sure if they were solicited thru invitations.

not sure why much better joint like kai sushi @ ps aren't getting such hypes.