Monday, February 04, 2013

Hong Kong Jin Tian Eating House, Eng Hoon Street

I found out about this place which was located just across the street from Loo's Hainanese Curry Rice (#01-15, 58 Eng Hoon Street) from television.

The food was at best average tasting. I found the carbs unappealing. It was definitely because of the slightly soggy noodles that came drenched in a starchy sauce (a dislike that I have) and the cooked rice that was dry and beady. Certainly wasn't the vision of food that had come from the claim of being Hong Kong styled roasts. Not with those dry roasted meat it would live up to their claims.

What was interesting from the stall was an item that was called ya jiao bao; a literal translation from Chinese into 'duck leg wrap' and was essentially a portion of duck feet withbone that used the skin that secured a bundle that consisted of pork, duck liver and yam. These were dipped in a sweet glaze before being roasted. While that sounded great, the final product suffered from tough and chewy meat and even chewier skin which involved more than a little effort to eat.

What was done well in my opinion was their sweet and savoury liver sausage that were packed in a slightly chewy casing. That was delicious. 


red fir said...

Don't get me started on this place. Noodles clumpy, sauce gooey & starchy, roast duck excessively salty. Possibly the worst rendition of HK roasts ever eaten. I'm surprised you still ordered up a storm.

LiquidShaDow said...

That'll teach me to trust television eh?

Actually, we ordered portions for 4 persons. I think they're pretty bad at estimations and they came with so much food that we had to tar pow back the leftovers.