Sunday, February 03, 2013

A breakfast of seafood soup, braised pork trotters and roti prata at the end of Woodlands

This was breakfast at Woodlands Centre Food Centre (Blk 4A, Woodlands Centre Road). A place that I have never eaten at before because of the location right at the end of Woodlands. So close to the border that it reminded me of places beyond the border.

The stall which we were looking for was call Wei Wei Shi Pin (#02-11) and it seemed that they only did seafood soup and braised pork trotters. We were a little early for them so we started the wait with some roti prata (Ahsia Food Stall, #02-76)

This was the only stall that sold prata and theirs turned out to be pretty mean stuff. There was a small drama of fluffing and crushing of the pastry followed by a little plate assisted ripping before it was tossed onto another plate with a small dish of spicy tomato sardine sambal. Probably a mix of canned sardines and a anchovy based sambal. A refreshing change from the regular assam fish curry to accompany the lightly crisp and chewy prata.

Following those were braised pig trotters which were soft enough that one could easily get the meat off the bone with chopsticks. Chopstick tender it was then. Would have been great with rice if I hadn't been already eating earlier.

The long awaited seafood soup came in two options. The cheaper one which was a fish (pomfret), prawn and meat combination and the more expensive one which included crayfish instead of prawns. I don't generally eat a great deal of Chinese styled seafood or fish soup from hawker centres but I'm quite willing to go out and go on record that this one was probably one of the better ones in the country. But then again if I'm ever proven wrong about this, I hope to be proven wrong with a recommendation of a better one.

What was great for me about the soup was the rustic looking meat nuggets of minced meat that contained bits of flavour enhancing dried sole. The broth itself was rich and flavorful of the ingredients. The fish were fresh tasting and the prawns were sweet. Delicious stuff.

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