Saturday, April 11, 2015

63Celsius, Asia Square Tower

It's a little less straight forward categorising 63Celsius (12 Marina View, #01-03 Asia Square Tower 2) and their food, but I guess a simple description for the former would be a specialty coffee and gastro bar of sorts. 

The food as they claimed is supposed to be "without borders". International in variety and techniques which simply places it as one of numerous of the small plate joints that are still trending these days. Word out is that this place is helmed by one of the owners of the defunct Foodbar Dada, which I never had the chance to visit before it evolved its way out of business.

Stracciatella Cheese, Artichoke Caponata, Taggiasca Olives

We started out with the small plates and this stracciatella cheese was nice. A bunch of flavours married with a bunch of textures coming from the creamy shreds of cheese, sweet and sour softness of the artichokes, tartness from the olives and the fruitiness of the olive oil. Very Italian. But also a very ingredient based starter that largely depends on the quality of the produce.

63Signature Baby Squid In Enoki Egg Nest

The baby squids on enoki mushroom was designed for umami impact and comfort. Both the squids and the mushroom were roasted to bring out flavour. Reminded me of the eggs on potato nest at FoFo.

money shot for the egg I suppose

And these flowy molten yolk would be the reason why these things are so well liked. That rich liquid velvet of comfort across the textures of the umami nest of flavours.

Hokkaido Scallop, Smoky Pork Bacon, Spicy Squid Ink Sauce

Scallops were medium done, which retained a good bite while being tender. The smokiness from the bacon suggested that it wasn't mass produced. Spicy squid ink sauce actually had a respectable kick to the heat. Like. Would eat this again.

Black Rice With Deshelled Prawns and Tomato Air

The black rice was painted black with squid ink. Flavours were robust though very a heavy hand was had with the salt. As much as it looked like risotto, it was more of a squid ink mui fan. With gold flakes and tomato foam which really contributed nothing but aesthetics to the dish since the delicate flavours of the latter were literally a whisper among waves. If anyone's wondering, those deshelled prawns were buried under the rice and tasted pretty good. 

a dissappointing burrata burger

Things started going downhill at this point. The menu described truffled burrata, but it didn't look like it had much of burrata and what truffle? The meat was well done and was derived of all the beefy aroma. It's sad when the tastiest things were the fries. This was a waste of money.

Salted Egg Custard Lava Cake, Balsamic Berries, Tahiti Vanilla Gelato

We weren't too convinced by dessert. There was too little salted egg in the custard that they would have been better off just doing the filling without it. What's good were the sesame tuile and the pile of Pop Rocks on the cake. Think we'll pass on the desserts if there would be a next time.

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