Saturday, April 25, 2015

Komala Vilas this year

Komala Vilas, rice plate

We hadn't been back to Komala Vilas for a while. But today, we managed to break out of the usual rice meal orders and had gotten a rice plate instead. The difference between the meal and the plate would be an additional piece of chapati or poori (of your choice) and that the rest of the food was not refillable. Which actually works as well since the portions were pretty generous already. But we didn't get any thoveyal today

Below's dosai meal served with exactly the same vegetables on the side as the rice plate. I was thinking those vegetables that come with the meals could be a seasonal thing depending on availability, but I don't know if they do seasonal here as opposed to rotating another dish in just for variety. In any case, it was all very tasty.

Komala Vilas, dosai meal

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