Friday, April 03, 2015

A burger and a hotdog from The Brat

I've been passing by their grill behind the glass whenever I'm at the basement of Plaza Singapura and each time I did, I wondered if their burgers were any good. They did look promising in a basic sort of way so we dropped by. The smell was pretty enticing and honestly, there were only two things that didn't quite settle well with me. 

The first was the cheese. They need to use something better like proper aged Cheddar or even American cheese; the latter tastes better than these things they use here. The other thing that just didn't quite work out enough for me to want to return for them was the flavour of the meat. There was something inside that was more than just salt and pepper. Perhaps a marinade? I couldn't tell, but it was a not so subtle detraction of the beefy flavours which the grill aroma had suggested.

Well, at least their hot dogs are still good. 

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