Saturday, April 04, 2015

LeNu (樂牛) Taiwan Beef Noodle Bar, Bugis Junction

This was a Taiwanese styled braised beef noodle shop by the Paradise Group (#B1-22 Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street, tel : +65 6336 7965). I noticed them some time last year and got curious but didn't manage to try them until today. The options were pretty simple; one chooses from the type of broth, the cut of meat and the noodle based on what's available on the menu.

This above was a bowl with broad noodles and the spicy broth.  Pretty enjoyable except for the broth which was something I hadn't experienced before. It's like mala without the 'ma' nor the 'la'. Chilli oils and spices that had some of the aroma and none of the heat. Not like what I had come to expect from my previous experiences with Lai Lai either. I managed to try the other two broths and I kinda liked them, even though everything was pretty salted.

Not very impressed at this point but I guess I liked some things enough that I wouldn't mind coming back to try something else.

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