Sunday, April 12, 2015

Gyo gyo gyo!!!

Gyoza-ya, cheese gyoza

Here's more gyoza from Gyoza-ya. There're now toppings of cheese, mentaiko miso and one with snow crab stuffings. The former which is actually not on menu has both sliced cheese and shredded mozzarella. With all these intense flavoured toppings and aburi, I'm pretty impressed that they managed to not overwhelm the pork fillings in the dumpling. The one with the crab isn't too bad as well.

Gyoza-ya, mentaiko miso gyoza

So I finally got to try their jya jya men which was basically a bowl of flat noodles tossed with sliced cucumber, scallions and a miso meat sauce. I liked this, I think the combination of textures were pretty good and the miso made everything savoury and tasty. 

Gyoza-ya, jya jya men

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