Thursday, May 14, 2015

T&K Seafood, Yaowarat Road, Bangkok

T&K Seafood, Yaowarat Road, Bangkok

Much has already been said about this tourist packed seafood joint down at Bangkok's Chinatown (458 Yaowarat Road, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100). Since we were curious enough, we came down to see what was it about the establishment that attracted the throngs. 

We came by for an early dinner deliberately to avoid the crowd. Just as we made the place and got seated, it started getting packed.

Bangkok, T&K Seafood, scallops

Grilled scallops were very edible and far from the better ones we've had. Strangely, it didn't arrive very warm like what I would have expected of grilled shellfish. A little disappointed that they didn't have larger corals.

Bangkok, T&K Seafood, river prawns

These were grilled river prawns. They're not the largest around and the texture of the flesh of those bugs were pretty decent if not spectacularly firm. It was a lot less meat than the plate of it suggested since they had such big heads. But I wouldn't argue against the affordability.

Bangkok, T&K Seafood, sea snails

Those grilled sea snails above as I've recently learnt, are known as babylonia areolatas. I was thinking that they would taste like those conches commonly known as gong gong, but these weren't the same mollusk. The meat of these snails was a lot chewier and tougher like whelk. Don't think I'll be ordering these things again.

Bangkok, T&K Seafood, fried squid roe

This was deep fried squid roe. It tasted a lot better than what the very mundane looks suggested.

Bangkok, T&K Seafood, steamed fish chilli lime

The thing that got me was their fish steamed with limes and chillis. Specifically the broth that packed an impressive heat and lime citrus that kept me spooning mouthful after mouthful in spite of the sweltering humidity. The fish was tender, but the flesh didn't feel as firm as I though it would. Maybe these kind are like that.

While I couldn't say that we were blown away by the quality, it remained a very affordable option compared to the cost of seafood back home. Don't think I would mind coming back.

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