Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My first street pad krapow

Bangkok, pad krapow gai

I’ve had these ubiquitous meat and basil stir fry rice plates a number of times at various places and this was probably the very first I’ve had on the street. Albeit a street smack in the middle of Bangkok city central where a glance across the road sees the window display of Marc Jacobs at Siam Paragon. So, affordable as it may be, it’s not really cheap as cheap goes for street eats at this particular location.

So how was this particular gai pad krapow? I liked the feisty heat from the chilli and the slightly edgy savouriness from the fish sauce. Again, I’m surprised by how much I liked the steamed rice here. The only thing that struck me as out of the ordinary was that the chicken came in little chunks instead of the usual minced meat.

Bangkok, street food

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