Friday, May 15, 2015

Create Your Taste at the Golden Arches

No shit, this is MacDonald's. Apparently this is part of their new strategy introduced at limited outlets where one can customise a burger order from a kiosk along with limited table service. Basically we get to be able to choose the component(s) that maketh the burger inclusive of any add ons based on the options they have. And it all gets served up on a wooden board with fries that comes in the little metal baskets. This would probably be the first time in my life with fast food where the food actually looks like something from the menu.

Honestly, this tasted better than the generic menu items that they have (except for the fries which are their regular fries). The glazed bun was a little buttery, the lettuce was fresh and there were real sliced tomatoes in there. You probably cannot tell from the picture, but there were also jalapeƱo, a spicy tomato relish and wild rockets as well. Neatly packed into the buns. Burger Up had better start sweating. McD had obviously gotten themselves a superior team to work their order kiosk software.

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