Monday, May 04, 2015

Moments before The Age of Ultron

Arnold's fried chicken

Yeap, a delicious meal before a equally delicious movie from our home grown joint. Of juicy tender fried chicken with thin crisp skin and a soothing milky iced bandung to wash down. The meal that is.

Have you watched The Age of Ultron? I've caught pretty much all the Marvel movies since the first Iron Man and they've mostly been a blast. Well, maybe I didn't like the second Thor so much because of the CG saturation that reminded me more than a little of the last trilogy for Star Wars.

I dug the first Avengers movie. As an ex-comic reader, I can certainly appreciate that these recent years have been a realization of many dreams for many fans. I had especially looked forward to this one because the bonus was Ultron. Or the voice behind it. And as I had been anticipating, an Ultron with the snarkiness of a particular concierge of crime - Raymond "Red" Reddington. James Spader of course. An excellent actor that could recite a line of not so thinly veiled threat while charming the pants off you with that very same line.

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