Monday, May 11, 2015

The salt grilled fish between Central World and Platinum Mall

Bangkok, Ratchadamri Road street food, crowd

This was at the stretch along Ratchadamri Road between Central World and Platinum Mall where many people talk about and go to eat their salt encrusted grilled fish. The location was actually a short line of street vendors with their densely packed foldable tables and stools that churned out plates of stir fries, grills and the various commonly available Thai salads. Seating space was elbow to elbow - plagued by warmth, smoke and probably some traffic exhaust, layered with a good measure of humidity.

Suitably atmospheric would be the phrase I'd use to describe the place. Kinda like a dai pai dong in Hong Kong.

Bangkok, Ratchadamri Road street food, salt crusted fish

The thing to order was obviously their salted crusted grilled fish; with a choice between catfish and tilapia. The latter of which has been in recent year or so lambasted for being worse than bacon and are potential bearers of disease as bottom feeders. Well, here's the catfish anyways. It's simple as peeling back the skin and eating the tender flesh underneath.

While there are some that might be bothered by the earthy (or commonly referred to as muddy) taste of freshwater fish, their spicy dip on the side works wonders in detracting from those said flavours and adds a delicious spicy zing. And man, the rice was good with all that.

Bangkok, Ratchadamri Road street food, grilled pork neck

Next up were tasty strips of grilled pork neck, laced with what some might consider a brow raising but delicious amount of tasty fat to go with the caramelized exterior.

Bangkok, Ratchadamri Road street food, water spinach

Stir fried water spinach (or also known as kang kong) with garlic and a bit of chilli. Nothing unexpected there.

Bangkok, Ratchadamri Road street food, coconut

And a coconut of juice to drown my sorrows for the order of som tam that never arrived in spite of reminders. Oh well... there is always a next time. Right?

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