Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Mamacitas Costa Rican Cuisine, Lau Pa Sat

Yikes, I didn't enjoy this casado much at all. The meat was heavily salted and the food was greasy in a not so good way. I'm not sure how much of a representative this is of Costa Rican food since I'm not familiar with them at all.  But I'm pretty sure this stall at least localized themselves with regards to how much they're charging for their food with their given portions while trying to pass the easily available ingredients with minimal skills required with the preparation off as some "exotic" option in the food court.

Everything on the menu seems to be a rehash of a few same ingredients that has been sitting in the troughs; be it the burritos, their chalupas or rice plates. Also certainly did not expect bottled sweet chilli sauce for default condiments. For what they are charging, they could do better than just picco de gallo, shredded lettuce and a sad slice of plantain. I'm pretty sure there's more than a handful of other better ways to spend my money down in Lau Pa Sat. 

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