Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hot Reuben now with Guinness Stout bread at Nassim Hill Bakery

Nassim Hill Bakery, hot reuben

This was the third beer bread at Nassim Hill Bakery for their sandwich, with the previous ones being made with Asahi Kuronoma and prior to that, Grimbergen Ambrée. What seemed different from this visit was texture (and flavour) of the bread. Previously, they were soft, chewy and warm. This time round, it had lightly toasted and didn't seem to taste as good as the previous visits. The toast had taken the chew and the soft out of the equation.

I'm guessing that it's probably a better idea to visit in the morning when the bakes are fresher; which was exactly when the previous two visits occurred. Hopefully it's not the downfall of their bread because of a change in recipe.

In the other news, they have a Po Boy on menu. It's didn't quite look like what I expected out of a po boy but it was a decent sandwich I wouldn't mind having again. Shrimp, ham and lettuce between a cheesy sun dried tomato focaccia.

Nassim Hill Bakery, po boy

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