Friday, April 13, 2007

Counterstrike at Kazu

This simply means that I struck at Kazu again. Reservations was made at approximately 2.30pm and we were told that there were only seats at the counter left on a Thursday night. Being seated at the counter also means that I get to gawk at the sizzling grill, see what comes off the grill and get to ask about what I cannot identify.

It was inevitable for me, having eaten at both Kazu and Kushigin to make comparisons on the offerings by both since the focus is on charcoal grills. After tonight, Kazu remains the undisputed option simply because, it edges Kushigin out a notch in terms of quality, and beats them hands down in variety. Though I must lament the disappointment that I have for being out of the shortneck clams and anglerfish liver which I had originally intended to make home in my stomach tonight. The crab and pumpkin croquette has also been replaced by the crab and corn.

pumpkin with chicken miso

This is a minced chicken in miso sauce over cooked pumpkin. Nothing fancy but if you like pumpkin, you'll probably want to give it a try. I thought it turned out to be quite a good snack. Even the carb fillers here are something to look forward to in the department of taste.

oyster rice (seasonal)

This is basically rice infused with oyster flavor and some bits of vegetables. The portions was actually quite small, so it doesn't fill up very much. Served hot, it turned out rather tasty and felt a lot like yam rice. The only gripe on this is that there is very little oyster that comes with the rice. I counted only one oyster. Would have been good to have a couple more in it. This wasn't featured on the menu since it's seasonal.

beef tongue

mushroom in pork belly

tuna with miso

squid tentacles

chicken hearts

minced chicken in japanese pepper

forgotten fish with miso

stuffed lotus root

apple and pork

bacon with prawn and scallop

Excellent stuff. The scallops and prawns are deceptively juicy as with all the other grills in this place.

foie gras of course


Did I say deceptively juicy before? Here's another one that you can pay heed to.

lamb chop

Kazu serves a mean lamb chop. I mean this boned in meat tops the one I had at Kushigin which I thought was pretty damn good already. Sizzling hot meat and fat wrapped with char marked surface with pinkish juicy flesh near the bone, you'll be surprised how many other places that serve lamb don't do lamb chops this good.

japanese sweet potato

These sweet potatoes were nothing short of excellent stuff. Even more so with the butter which you can rub over and let melt into the potato which is exuding fragrance and sweet in it's own right. If you haven't had these Japanese sweet potatoes before, this would be a good place to try them. I ended up eating the whole thing, skin and all. The cooking process was just a grill and what was tasted is essentially just the potato where condiments are really unnecessary and the butter was but a plus.

bbq tiramisu

This seems to be a signature tiramisu of Kazu. The reason as explained by the server, why it is called bbq tiramisu is because the top of the mascarpone is scorched to create a moderately charred fragrance before the cocoa powder is sprinkled on the surface. The result is a smoky fragrance that comes with the bitter (and choke inducing) cocoa with the sweet mascapone cream which actually has texture like a soft pudding rather than cream.

the score cup


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what's the damage like for this meal?

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Damage is abt $149 for 2 persons.