Friday, June 06, 2008

Creperie des Art, Prinsep Place

I thought the crepes here (44 Prinsep Street, #01-02/02 Prinsep Place, tel: 6333 5330) weren't too bad and would have been better if they weren't so pricey. But of course, I'm no expert on crepes and certainly haven't had any from France, so I guess I wouldn't be able to make much comparisons. Actually, the crepe does kinda reminds me of the crispy edges of dosai, keeping in mind that I've been having quite a bit of Indian food lately. It's not the same of course, but I wouldn't say that I cannot draw parellels. Interestingly, there was some French apple cider which they deigned to serve in a mug instead of the usual glasses. I wonder why is that.

saint caradec

trois vallees

complete du pays

crepe suezette

A starting salad of creamy goat cheese on toast and mesclun turned out pretty decent, but unexceptional. Of the few crepes that I managed to try on this first visit, the ones that held out as noteable were the buckwheat crepes of saint caradec (creamy leeks and scallop) and the trois vallees (Rebl0chon, Rocquefort and goat cheese). The former had a filling creamed leeks that was sweet along with also sweetish and savoury scallops while the latter packed a decent punch with the tripartite of pungent cheeses. I didn't really like the crepe suezette which reeked rather strongly of the alcohol and it didn't help much that the pear sorbet tasted very much like the Grand Marnier used for the flambe. I'm not too familiar with crepe suezettes apart from the rather delicious one from Lawry's but this lacked the cream or butter which I was looking forward to.

I probably wouldn't mind try some of the other stuff here, but I thought that a bunch for crepes for a hundred dollars was quite expensive.

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