Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bontá unplugged

Unplugged because most of the things here aren't really from the menu and the after dinner was graced with the company of Chef Luca Pezzera at the table where casual dialogue evolved around prices of Japanese produce, how he likes otoro and not uni, the real faces of restaurants in Italy and quite a number of other things which will not by discretion, go beyond the dinner table. Chef Luca is apparent quite conversant with the local slang judging from expressions like "ok lah", "I tell you one thing ah", or "very expensive leh" that arise in the midst of his chit chat.

This visit also represents a re-acquaintance to the food at Bontá, recalling that it didn’t leave deep impressions previously. I must say that opinions are rather different this time round, but then again, there’s also the stuff that one doesn’t usually get since they’re seasonal. Still, one can get a feel of straightforward and down to earth cooking that doesn't reek of fancy schmancy.

The first starter is actually a pair of steamed or poached German white asparagus blanketed by a sunny side up with shaved parmesan. I though it was a appropriately warm, but in a refreshing way, light starter for the soft and very lightly crunchy asparagus which were a little juicy. Having cheese and eggs sort seals the deal for the whole thing for me since I like them both. Nothing sophisticated, but a warm and pleasant opener for a start. I just found out that white asparagus are grown in the dark today.

This was followed by sliced Parma ham and nicely chilled melon pieces drizzled with something sweet that tasted little like honey and something else. I couldn't really identify it. Again, nothing over the top here as a second starter.

This was quite good. Basically, it's a pasta with a truffle cheese sauce and with more freshly shaven summer truffles to go with them. What I liked about this was the fact that the cheese in the sauce was distinctively identifiable, yet not overwhelming as to dominate the palate over the gentler truffle flavors. Comforting indeed.

Secondi piatti was a seafood duo of tuna and scampi. I was actually kinda hoping for red meat, but since it's all decided by the chef, you get surprised sometimes. The outstanding items were the sweet scampi and roasted garlic of a variety I haven't had before. There was almost none of the pungence associated with garlic flavors and the bulbs were slightly sweetish and crunchy. I thought they were quite good. The tuna wasn't really my thing despite it being still juicy while a tad hard. There was a rosemary flavor which I personally don't normally quite like. Would have been great if there was more of the crustacean.

Well, that's a molten chocolate cake with rum and raisin ice cream and it was really, just a molten chocolate cake. It wasn't boring or mediocre in any case, but it was just a molten chocolate cake which I really have difficulty describing anymore since they're pretty much all the same.


ice said...

Heya are you reviewing soon? Coz I've just made your black truffle pasta the wallpaper on my lappie...

JY said...

Is the summer truffle pasta available everyday?

LiquidShaDow said...

Hey JY, I don't think it is available all the time. Would be better if you gave them a call to check before going down.