Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blanco Court Prawn Mee, Beach Road

I've walked by this place on several occasions, so this time round, I'm here to try the prawn noodles. Here's a look at both the soup and dry options for the 3 in 1 noodle from Blanco Court Prawn Mee (243 Beach Road, #01-01 tel : +65 6396 8464). What made the 3 in 1 option is basically the addition of boiled pork ribs and pig tails in the bowl of noodles. There were actually some pig skin in there as well.

The dry version was pretty decent and one could pack a lot of heat into the noodles by simply adding the available condiments of chilli powder and thinly sliced chilli padi. The noodles themselves do already come with the option of their chilli sauce. However, I think I enjoyed the soup version more. That's basically because the crustacean sweetness (along with lard and fried shallots too!) was robust in their broth and seemed much more so than another similar stall down at East Coast Road. I hate to think about how much MSG I might have ingested if there truly was any involved at all. But damn the soup was good. And there was refilling available for that as well.

The chor bee hoon was firm, pig skin springy and the porky tasting pig tails were pretty much like a tiny version of oxtail. Definitely good for returns.

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