Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wok to Walk, La Rambla, Barcelona

We were to an extent, pretty amused by this dinner of Chinese food from a chain stall in Barcelona. Wok to Walk (95 La Rambla, Barcelona, tel : +31 02 06250721) does Chinese stir fried noodle and rice takeouts in those iconic little paper boxes that does not exist back home as a container. I don't think that people in China use them too, but I could be wrong. It was for the first time in our lives, eating with them.

How this place works is for the customer to select their choice of carbs from a small variety of noodle type or rice, followed by additional ingredients and then a sauce of choice. The bar of little ingredients looks like something from a pizza place, but seriously, most if not all Chinese food places don't even provide options to this level. This does and in a way, is great. And one shouldn't scoff at them since we had seen real Chinese cooking videos uploaded by tourist from the streets of Beijing and they cooked exactly like those street hawkers in China!

In any case, the food was actually reasonably tasty. No surprise considering the consistent queue and crowd that this joint generates even off the peak meal hours. Their hot sauce was expectedly a little milder than I had in mind, but the options of chilli that one could help themselves with resulted in a respectable heat more fiery than any chilli char kuey teow I've ever had.

I normally avoid faces in photos in here, but I thought these guys that were sweating behind the bar churning out endless orders of stir fried noodles looked amusingly bored.

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