Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ise Ebi lobster tonkotsu ramen from Keisuke's Tonkotsu King Four Seasons

Keisuke Takeda's fourth ramen shop (158 Rochor Rd, tel : +65 6333 5740) is doing publicity today (Mother's Day if you didn't realise). 500 bowls of Ise ebi lobster tonkotsu ramen on the go for $8.50. 

As per usual practice for myself (and probably countless others), we start off munching on the spicy bean sprouts after being seated and waiting for orders that we never really made to arrive. There was nothing to order since they served only one type of ramen today. 

Actually, I was pretty impressed with the broth. The flavors from the crustacean was well developed. It was almost a bisque....minus the cognac and butter. And a very enjoyable one at that. If I had to complain, I wished the noodles were a little harder. But hey, I got a molten yolk from my ajitama. It's a good sign.

Actually, I hesitated for a while after finishing up the noodles.

In the end, it was 'what the heck!'.

And I got myself a very enjoyable bowl of lobster porridge.

I got the winter bowl for today.

And on their walls facing me, was the winter soldier?

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