Sunday, May 04, 2014

More tales from the French river horse

Hippopotamus, blue cheese burger

I was initially bemoaning about how Hippopotamus had started to lose the identity it has created here by selectively trimming the menu. Trimmed what I felt were some of the good stuff I meant. They've taken off the old XL ribeye which they sold for a song (not exactly, but....). The burger with foie gras is also off and there's totally no foie gras at all on menu. Fast forward to today, the blue cheese sauce on the side is not longer available too. That was a travesty! :P Along with a couple of sides options that I liked like the beans. Basically, the menu was really starting to look very generic and the place could've been Sizzler's for all I knew. 

But we happened to be here and order we did some items that we hadn't had before. Their blue cheese burger turned out satisfying beyond expectations even though it was a little small. Though the patty was little overcooked from what I normally prefer, they had the decency not to load junk into the meat. What obviously worked for me with the burger was the generous amount of blue cheese that they used. 

There's a new item which was basically fried bacon with poached eggs and a beefy red wine sauce. That's really good as well. Steak tartare was surprisingly, quite edible. Our only gripe was that the beef wasn't quite as well chopped up as we would like resulting in stringy bits of connective tissue. The spicy sauce that they used for the tartare was unexpectedly heady. Tasted like Thousand Island, rum and Tabasco.

Hippopotamus, steak tartare

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