Saturday, May 03, 2014

A hotdog from The Brat

This unit (#B2-39 Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road) used to be the Bratwurst Shop. I'm not sure how many times it has changed hands, but I vaguely recall that the original used to be set up by a family that lived in Australia for some time before coming back to set up a sandwich shop. I'm pretty sure that the original owners from that time are no longer around though.

Well, it's now just The Brat. A hot dog and burger place (the same...) and here's their English brat with some stinky sauerkraut. It was baguettes, not hot dog buns and they were toasted before filling the dog. I liked it; the pork brat was fatty, flavourful, smothered in a little bit of creamy mustard and the baguette was crisp. But I just couldn't shake off the feeling of knowing that even I could probably do this up at home for a small fraction of the cost. By the way, there's bottled Asahi Kuronama here.

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