Friday, May 16, 2014

Ban mian from Toa Payoh Central

ban mian, Toa Payoh Central

Remember me mentioning about ban mian from the same coffeeshop (J99 Eating House, 186 Toa Payoh Central) as Fu Xiang Chicken Rice? Well, this was it.

I have generally never been a fan of ban mian. In fact, I've never really eaten much of them until the past few years when I realised that there were options without soup. I never understood trying to eat noodles in a floury tasting and scalding hot soup flavoured with ikan bilis under the sweltering heat.

This bowl was exceptional. Half the bowl was pretty much the ingredients that came with the noodles. Namely, the chunky bits of minced pork, thick slices of fish, boiled cabbage and not forgetting, ikan bilis together with the option of ee mee. Dry of course. For $4, this bowl had more than double the ingredients, quality ones, that can generally be found in a bowl of ban mian elsewhere.