Saturday, May 17, 2014

The little corner at Paragon with green stuff...

PS Cafe, veggie green pasta

That's what the menu calls the Veggie Greens pasta. It's actually a primavera if you would. And this is one of my favourite things to order down at PS Cafe at Paragon. I ate it once, remembered it and came back for more of it. It's basically pasta with asparagus, artichoke, French beans, broad beans, broccoli, capers and olive oil with spaghetti flavoured with shaven Parmesan cheese and a bit of heat from chilli flakes. Quite a medley. The sum of flavours, so to speak, are fairly clean with enough measures of savoury to make the plate delicious and the chilli flakes add just that bit of dimension. The textures of the vegetables and the al dente pasta was ...... one can exercise imagination. I don't want to abuse the word 'amazing'.

And it seems that this particular pasta can only be found at the branch at Paragon.

PS Cafe, key lime pie

And of course, the green key lime pie from the very same place. It hasn't really changed in appearance, but the filling seem to have a different texture from previously. Those green filling now felt a little more gelatinous and smooth compared to a more rustic texture back in the past. The taste was otherwise, the same.

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