Friday, November 06, 2015

Meii Sushi, Erskine Road

A kind reader had informed of the change of address for Meii Sushi (33 Erskine Road #01-01, tel : +65 6220 3466) to the current location at The Scarlet. Also known as the hotel previously known as Scarlet Hotel. From what I had understood from the chef, reservations are advised. The reason is due to the fact that he has to prepare his fish and they don't cater for much extras.

So I guess this was a lucky walk in.

A couple of lunch bowls here. The above is a kanpachi (amberjack) don and below is their barachirashi which also had bits of kanpachi in it. This bowl is not exactly the standard issue bara that most of the restaurants are doing because these restaurants don't make their bara out of odd ends. This one here looked like it might have been really made with the odd ends. The only fish they had was amberjack and salmon. So I guess it's the real deal; unglamourous and unfabricated as they come.

Both decent fish donburi on vinegared shari, but don't expect to be floored. I was hoping that there will be thicker fish cuts which was what they were known for. Maybe it's just only for their omakase.

And here's some supplementary aburi toro nigiri. Fat content a little low for these slices.

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