Tuesday, May 08, 2018

The Rillette Bar above Le Bistrot du Sommelier

In the few years that we've been going to Le Bistrot du Sommelier, we've never ventured up to their Rillette Bar which has been around probably as long as the bistro has.

Chance has it that we wanted something warm from the Rillette Bar menu and it was suggested that we ate at the bar instead since the bistro usually only brought down their charcuterie. Turned out to be a good idea.

We were plied with items from their board and ended up with some Bayonne ham which was just the ideal passenger for their crusty bread.

Nom nom nom......

Fresh from their spring rotation was a pâté en croûte stuffed with goose, foie gras and confit orange. This was outstanding. Everything from the stuffings to the gelatin and even the crust were well flavoured. The latter must have been infused with much lard.

Nom nom nom nom......

The something warm which I had mentioned earlier was their croûte au fromage. A Swiss dish of cheese melted over bread which isn't very dissimilar from a croque madame. There was some smoky ham beneath the cheese and it was topped with a fried egg.

We were recommended to try the Alain Milliat chardonnay grape juice. So awesome a nectar it was that we spent 25 bucks for two bottles of it. Ouch but yeah, it's delicious like clear liquid raisin.

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