Friday, April 02, 2021

Chocolate Whopper from Burger King

burger king chocolate whopper

A colleague suggested BK for lunch today and the first thought was that I'll probably end up with their Ultimate Angus Double Mushroom Swiss. Then I saw this on the splash page of their order kiosk and immediately decided this might be more interesting to try instead.

It's a Whopper minus mayo and lettuce. I've also just noticed that their sesame bun doesn't have that much sesame. Looked cheap. There's some chocolate sauce drizzled in. Don't know what kind but it didn't taste or look like the watery Hershey's that normally gets used. Didn't taste bad with the light chocolate sweetness. That being said, this has to be taken with the understanding that BK's Whopper had never been good since ages ago so they're still that.

burger king chocolate whopper

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