Thursday, April 29, 2021

Tsukemen from Ippudo

Ippudo, tsukemen menu

Ippudo has tsukemen on their menu for this month. From what I gathered, it's available only at their shops along Mohd Sultan and in MBS.  The tsukemen is apparently a Singapore exclusive. I was intrigued.

Ippudo, tsukemen

Those thick chewy whole grain noodles and charshu were as they appeared. Competent.

Ippudo, tsukemen broth

Hence the item that made or broke the tsukemen for me would be the dipping broth. This one was not viscous and punchy as say Tonkotsu Ikkyu, Sanpoutei or Tetsu (formerly at Ramen Champion). If we were comparing only strength of flavour, the one Keisuke's Kamo Soba also hit harder.

There was a pronounced bonito flavour from the gyokai broth, a nice sharpness from diced onions and bits of fats. But it was too thin to cling much onto the noodles. Not thick enough that I could still drink it like soup - in fact, I had imagined the bonito tonkotsu bowl at Ikkousha to be somewhat like this. 

Ippudo, Mohd Sultan

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