Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Huang Tu Di Xi’An Delights (黄土地西安小吃), Clementi

Huang Tu Di Xi’An Delights (黄土地西安小吃), Clementi

I've been wanting to try the food at 黄土地西安小吃 (#01-13/14 Grantral Mall, 3151 Commonwealth Avenue West, tel : +65 6902 5480) for a while from the time I was recommended. This has finally happened. Food was not bad - so I was just slightly disappointed thinking that they'd be another place I would look forward to returning soon. There were some items from the bunch of dishes we ordered where I could reference better renditions.

From what I've read, the owner is from Xi'An.

Huang Tu Di Xi’An Delights (黄土地西安小吃), pig's ears

We had chilled pig's ears (凉拌猪耳). Savoury and tangy and made pretty good munching.

Huang Tu Di Xi’An Delights (黄土地西安小吃), tofu pickles

Some tofu strips and pickles (素菜拼盘) which were also pretty good munching. They weren't bad but also not exceptional as well.

Huang Tu Di Xi’An Delights (黄土地西安小吃), niu yang rou pao mo

We were curious about their 牛羊肉泡馍. The ones we've had previously were 羊肉泡馍 which were mutton based - the memorable one being the rendition from the defunct 羊贵妃. This one had both beef and mutton in the broth and the flavour spoke for itself. Prefer the ones that used just mutton. Again, not bad but not outstanding that I would come back for them. There was a lot of bread in this one.

Huang Tu Di Xi’An Delights (黄土地西安小吃), rou jia mo

Liked their 肉夹馍. The stuffings had a good flavour and the bread wasn't hard or stiff. Don't mind coming back for this.

Huang Tu Di Xi’An Delights (黄土地西安小吃), liang pi

Tried their liang pi (凉皮), which was 西安凉皮 on the menu. Don't know if the Xi'An rendition was any different from any others. The flavour could have done with a bit more punch but it's not a complain. I thought the texture of the 凉皮 from Xun Qin Ji (寻秦记) were springier. 

Huang Tu Di Xi’An Delights (黄土地西安小吃), Clementi

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