Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Josh's Grill, Bugis Junction

Josh's Grill, Bugis Junction

I've notice Josh's Grill (#01-69 Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street, tel : +65 6337 8633) for a while now. They're managed by the group that runs Poulèt, Riverside Grilled Fish and City Donut amongst a bunch of other restaurants. While we were curious, I was also afraid that it might be another Collin's experience. Fortunately, it didn't turn out like that. We were glad we tried.

Josh's Grill, rolls

Each person got a sweet roll with butter.

Josh's Grill, bbq lamb ribs

One of the items that piqued my curiosity about Josh's was their bbq lamb ribs. Not much of these going around as I recall. The last I had one of these was Tony Romas at Johor Bahru. And La Strada. Meat was scrape off the bone tender. Liked that they didn't overdo the bbq sauce. Note to self : skip the cheesy butter rice rice the next time.

Josh's Grill, chilean sea bass

They also had an affordable pan fried sea bass. The skin could have done with more crisp but I'm not complaining. Very decent piece of tender flaky fish. That seafood cream sauce on the side was more lemon-y than crustacean-y that I had imagined.

Josh's Grill, brazilian lemonade

That's the Brazilian lemonade. Lemonade with cream or condense milk. Kept the citrus but took the edge off that. Not bad.

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